This is the amount proposed for fiscal year 2022 to cushion the economic and social repercussions of Covid-19.

The government plans to provide the National Solidarity Fund with a budget of 100 billion to fight against Covid-19 and its economic and social repercussions. The Minister of Public Health (Minsanté), Manaouda Malachie who defends this project in Parliament has requested a total envelope of 207 billion 240 million FCFA for the 2022 financial year. A budget up by 10 billion 118 million FCFA (5.17%) compared to that of 2021 which was 197 billion 122 million FCFA.

In the draft finance law for the 2022 financial year, the budget requested will be used for the implementation of five major health projects. 61 billion 385 million 705 thousand will be devoted to the program of governance and strategic steering of the system (new). The objective is to improve the coordination of services and ensure the proper implementation of programs in the ministry.

Mortality reduction

The management of cases whose objective is to reduce overall mortality and lethality in health facilities and in the community will be allocated 59 billion 470 million 833 thousand FCFA. The government aims to allocate 50 billion 746 million 992 thousand FCFA to the prevention of the disease, with the objective of reducing premature mortality due to diseases preventable by prevention.

The site L'urgenceiste points out that the health promotion and nutrition program is undergoing a drastic budget cut and is getting away with 3 billion 384 million 110 thousand FCFA. The strengthening of the health system is not to be outdone, with an envelope of 33 billion 352 million 360 thousand FCFA. This programme will aim to increase the institutional capacity of health structures to ensure sustainable and equitable access to quality health care and services for the population.

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