This is the result of a test carried out on 400 vehicles equipped with a special device.

This is satisfactory for the ministry in charge of transport. On September 27, cameras were installed in 400 transport vehicles to track them. "The 400 vehicles equipped with this device, 100 of which are buses of interurban road transport companies and 300 trucks that transport dangerous products. None of these vehicles were involved in a traffic accident or even a puncture was found during this test phase. " said the Minister of Transport (Mint), Jean Ernest Massena Ngallè Bibehè, according to information relayed by the daily Jour. 

Last September, as part of the fight against road accidents, the Mint launched a campaign for the management and centralized control of intercity passenger transport by installing cameras on these 400 transport vehicles. 

The purpose of this monitoring system is to track "Speeding, driving while tired or drunk, overloading vehicles, illegal road transport, driving without a license, lack of roadworthiness tests, bad overtaking, crossing the crossing line and many others. ", informs the Minister of Transport.


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