They will meet in the capital city from 16 to 17 December, with the ambition of curbing the annual deficit in blood bags.

Cameroon has an annual deficit of 300,000 blood bags. To curb this gap, volunteer blood donors are meeting from December 16 to 17 in the city of Yaoundé. Organized by the Cameroonian Federation for Voluntary Blood Donation (Fecadobes), this2nd national congress will have as its theme: "The Covid-19 pandemic: evidence of the need for an efficient health system and specifically an effective dynamic of blood donation and blood transfusion in Cameroon".

During this consultation, experts, voluntary blood donor associations, health facility officials, civil society organizations, etc. will be entitled to a session on "Permanence and ruptures of the blood transfusion system in Cameroon". This theme will make it possible, for example, to revisit the opportunities and prospects of the operationalization of the National Blood Transfusion Center (CNTS).

According to the National Blood Transfusion Program (PNTS), the country's annual need is estimated at 400,000 blood bags. The CNTS's goal for the current year is to exceed the performance of 100,000 blood bags collected in 2020. In 2018, only 94,873 safe blood bags were collected, or 23.72% of what would be needed. In 2017, 91,047 pockets were collected in the country, compared to 82,661 in 2016.

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