Maurice Kamto, the President of the CRM, explained to his party cadres what his line is fundamentally as a leader.

After the 2018 presidential elections in which his party participated, he has long been in the spotlight for boycotting the regionals. The arrows did not come only from competitors outside, but within his party itself, several senior executives decided to abandon the boat.

Even if he continues to claim that the victory in this election was stolen from them, he thinks that his party must have all the possible arsenal so the boycott and peaceful marches if necessary.

In his clarification, Maurice Kamto also explained the main reason why his party went to the 2018 elections:

"I told you that if the elections win, if the Cameroonians trust us and they have done so, but if we enter Étoudi, we solve the NOSO crisis. That's why we went to the elections. It was not to settle in the armchair in Étoudi ".

The rest in video…

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